About The American Ninja Warrior Poets

The Ninja Warriors behind the scenes

Hey Thomas Tapp here!

My twin bro (Jonathan Tapp), Kyle DesChamps, and Nate Moore make up the Blue 8 Ninja Warrior Poets. We are the stunt team that act as on site course consultants and stunt performers for the show American Ninja Warrior. They bring us in to run through all the obstacles, make sure the measurements are right, everything works the way it should, and to help set the difficulty level. We also help set the designated times for the other competitors during the competition. We are the American Ninja Warriors behind the scenes.

For those who don’t know us, My brother and I have a strong background in parkour/freerunning. We perform stunts and teach people how to do parkour for a living. Kyle is a talented circus performer and Stunt Man who travels around the world performing his talents. Nate Moore is a veteran rock climber and pasture who travels around climbing and preaching his thing year round. We have always been huge fans of the show Ninja Warrior and American Ninja Warrior, so we were stoked when they asked us to join the stunt crew to help with the course.

This blog for our followers that are fans of Ninja Warrior, to show how we train for the course, to put out behind the scenes clips of the show as we are allowed to release it, and to post anything American Ninja Warrior.

This blog is purely ran by the members of the Blue 8 Stunt Team, and currently this blog is not endorsed or affiliated with “American Ninja Warrior”, “NBC”, or “G4”.  Anything we say or post on this blog is on our own behalf and does not reflect the views of  “American Ninja Warrior”, “NBC”, or “G4”.

So if you live and breathe the Ninja Warrior course or just a big fan of the show, then you’ve come to the right place!

Be sure to follow us as we put up updates, behind the scenes videos, and new training techniques as we are allowed to release it! You can subscribe to our YouTube channel below.

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We have been getting some e-mails asking about what the new course for this year is going to look like, the type of obstacles that are going to be used in the course, and many other questions like that pertaining to this upcoming season.

Sorry, but we can’t answer those questions! Legally we can’t give out any information about the course or advantageous information about this upcoming season of American Ninja Warrior. Plus we think it is wrong for anyone to have an unfair advantage over any other contestant.


Here are the “Official” links to the American Ninja Warrior websites, social media, and YouTube channel.

Official American Ninja Warrior website on G4 – www.g4tv.com/anw/home/

American Ninja Warrior website on NBC- www.nbc.com/americanninjawarrior/

Official American Ninja Warrior Twitter- https://twitter.com/ninjawarrior

Official American Ninja Warrior YouTube- http://www.youtube.com/user/AmericanNinjaWarrior